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Course Curriculum

Ratios and Proportions 00:00:00
Bill Discounting and average Due Date 00:00:00
Simple and Compound Interest including Applications of Annuity 00:00:00
Mathematical Reasoning – Basic Application 00:00:00
Set Theory and Simple Application of Venn Diagram 00:00:00
Variation, Indices, Logarithms 00:00:00
Permutations and Combinations 00:00:00
Linear Simultaneous Equations (3 Variables only) 00:00:00
Quadratic Equations 00:00:00
Solution of Linear inequalities(by Geometic Method only) 00:00:00
Determinants and Matrices 00:00:00
Constants and Variables, Functions, Limit and Continuity 00:00:00
Differentiability and Differentiation, Partial Differentiation 00:00:00
Derivatives – First order and Second Order Derivatives 00:00:00
Maxima and Minima – without constraints and with Constraints using Lagrange transform 00:00:00
Indefinite Integrals : as primitives, Integration by substitution, Integration by parts 00:00:00
Definite Integrals: Evaluation of Standard Integrals, Area under curve 00:00:00
Statistical Representation of Data
Digrammatic representation of Data 00:00:00
Frequency distribution 00:00:00
Graphical representation of Frequency Distribution – Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Ogive, Pie Chart 00:00:00
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Mean, Median, Mode, Mean Deviation 00:00:00
Quartile and Quartile Deviation 00:00:00
Standard Deviation 00:00:00
Co-efficient of Varioation, Coefficient of Quartile Deviatione 00:00:00
Correlation and Regression
Scatter Diagram 00:00:00
Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation 00:00:00
Rank Correalation 00:00:00
Regression lines, Regression equations, Regression coefficients 00:00:00
Index Numbers
Uses of Index Numbers 00:00:00
Problems involved in construction of Index Numbers 00:00:00
Methods of Construction of Index Numbers 00:00:00
Time Series Analysis - basic applications including Moving Average
Moving Average Method 00:00:00
Method of Least Squares 00:00:00
Independent and Dependent events, Mutually exclusive events 00:00:00
Total and Compound Probability , Baye’ s Theorem , Mathematical Expectation 00:00:00
Theoretical Distribution
Binomial Distributation ; Poisson Distribution – basic Application 00:00:00
Normal Distribution – basic Application 00:00:00

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